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Stop by our Chinese restaurant and try Chinese cuisine “The Healthy Way.”

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Since opening in 2002, Wei-Li's goal has been to introduce the beautiful, historically rich and delicious Chinese culture and cuisine to the people of the Androscoggin Valley. Diners at Wei-Li Chinese Restaurant can taste a variety of authentic and expertly prepared Chinese dishes while enjoying various cultural events and the amazing scenery of China on a 120-inch television screen. Stop in today to see what makes Wei-Li one of the best reastaurants in the Auburn and Lewiston, ME area!

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In 2004, we introduced "The Healthy Way" so that our customers would find that their food not only tasted good, but was good for them as well. Since then, all of our food is prepared using only the freshest produce and all-natural ingredients with absolutely no MSG. Most meat and vegetable dishes are steamed or fried now using light oils. These methods have been simplified, and we use the freshest produce.

To round out the healthy and tasty menu, Wei-Li has recently added a full sushi bar to our list of options!

In addition to creating healthy and consistently delicious meals, Wei-Li's food preparation specialists and servers practice ServSafe® food preparation techniques. Owners, Wei and Li are ServSafe® instructors and provide training to other Chinese restaurants in Auburn, ME; Lewiston, ME and beyond.

Wei-Li Restaurant was proud to receive the 100 Chinese Restaurant award in 2006, and the Androscoggin Leadership Award in 2008. We’d like to thank our customers; it’s because of your support that we were able to achieve so much, and give so much back to our community.

Taken individually, "Wei" and "Li" translate as "great personality" and "success." You will find both of these qualities to be the cornerstones of Wei-Li Restaurant. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Wei-Li Restaurant to experience and enjoy the "great personality" of the Chinese way of life, as well as our "success" in serving carefully prepared and consistently delicious East Asian cuisine.

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